In its approach to community development, PACT will continue to focus on creating and building the capacity of Community Based Organizations (CBOs). However, PACT understands that active CBOs alone might have a limited impact on development processes without the engagement of other stakeholders such as local public administration, schools and other partner NGOs, so that together they can address the complex mix of challenges faced by residents of low-income rural communities in Romania.

In its approach to community and CBO development, PACT will:

● Have an integrated approach towards building the capacity of CBOs, community members and other relevant local actors to define a vision for the holistic development of their community and to work together to create a plan to achieve that vision.

● Accompany local actors to achieve their vision by bringing together different partners with relevant expertise to address community needs (e.g. partner NGOs, experts, public institutions)

● Have long-term interventions (at least three years) in order to allow CBOs and other local stakeholders to become relevant actors for local development and gain sustainability. In order to mobilize the capacity and expertise to address different types of community issues, PACT works with multiple partners – other NGOs, companies, experts and public institutions.