Andra is Communication Consultant at OMA Vision Projects since January 2014. Her professional background covers both the public and the private sector, with practical experience in special communication projects and consultancy in European Affairs. She was Corporate Communication Director for a Romanian company acting in the energy sector, where she coordinated the setting up of the internal communication strategy at a time of organisational change for the company. Between December 2009 and November 2011 she was the Foreign and European Affairs Advisor to the President of the Romanian Senate.

Her education includes a Master in European Studies (from 2007 to 2009) at the European Studies Institute (UCL & FUSL – Brussels); with a Research Fellowship at the MGIMO University (Moscow); and a BA in Political Science with a Minor in Information and Communication at UCL (Belgium).

“I strongly believe people who have the courage to act for a change in their communities would have more chances to succeed if they would be aware that their actions matter to the whole society. Financial resources and motivation are essential to starting a project in rural communities, for education, social inclusion or launching a business. However, for a project to generate significant long term impact and to enable further changes for the better, people behind the project need a functional organizational matrix and the faith that their efforts are worthy.

I support PACT Foundation because they assumed this role in the Southern and South Eastern Romanian communities – to show people behind the projects that they are not alone in their endeavor and that their work matters way beyond local borders.”