Claudiu graduated the Accountancy specialization of an Economical Science Faculty, but since then he has never had contact with this domain. He followed his passion for computers and in the last 7 years he has been working in all types of companies, creating software with application in various fields. Besides writing code, he also writes regularly on his personal blog, his longest project. Lately he has been volunteering and organizing trips through the forgotten villages of Romania.

“I found out about the PACT Foundation some years ago at a volunteering event, 8 Hours for a Good Cause. It was love at first sight, I discovered then that my number 1 priority, developing the Romanian villages, is also PACT’s priority and since then I am an ambassador of their mission. I was raised in a forgotten village from Buzău county, so I know how important the growth of the rural communities is and how much value it can bring to people.

The Donors’ Circle, for me, is an opportunity to actively participate in changing Romania for the better. I am one of the people who want to return to thevillage of their childhood, who believes that rural life must continue to exist and to rely on a sustainablemodel in which people are involved and direcly responsible.”