Irina studied Political Studies, has experience in research and teaching, and she has been working in central public administration for 9 years. In the last 15 years she collaborated, as a volunteer most of the time, with nongovernmental organizations, especially from the participating & civic area, but she wants to find the courage (or the strength) to get involved in social causes, also.

„I support PACT for three reasons. Firstly, I am convinced that initiative groups are a very efficient and sustainable solution for the development of rural communities. Does it sound fancy? However well a state might be functioning, it could never be able to do what a foundation such as PACT does for people: it „builds” trust between people and teaches them how much they can do with almost no financial resources, only with mobilization and determination.

Secondly, I appreciate the team’s professionalism and dedication. Does is sound fancy? It is not an easy job at all. Those who don’t believe should try! Thirdly, I can’t do miracles. And so, I help them a little bit and, in turn, they help those who found an initiative group and then do miracles! Sounds like a good deal to me!”