Iulia graduated from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, at the Ecological University of Bucharest. Her last two jobs were in the Romanian branch of an international law firm, where she was a PR Coordinator (2007 – 2014), and before that, she was part of the press and communication team of the Delegation of the European Commission in Romania. Now she is a freelancer in the field of communication and public relations, and she sets up personalized tours of Romania.

“I became a part of PACT’s Donors Circle in a moment when I wanted to give to the community more than a material contribution for Easter and Christmas.

Strange enough, I realized that I did not know where to go. Even though I had been professionally involved in many CSR projects, it did not seem appropriate to just knock on the door of some organization to offer my support.

The answer came through an invitation that I received from one of my coworkers whose husband was going to host a fundraising event organized by the PACT Foundation. I liked very much the idea of an “skills auction”. We spent a wonderful evening, along with some very special people, whose enthusiasm won me over. Since that night, I decided that PACT will be the project that I will support. I like their giving spirit, the great team, and the permanent effort to find new ideas and projects without forgetting the main objectives. I hope we will achieve great things together!”