Oana has a multi-sectorial experience: in the NGO sector (The Civil Society Development Foundation), the public sector (The Presidential Administration) and the private sector (JTI Romania). She is a Fellow of the US State Department(Hubert Humphrey 2010-2011 University of Washington) and also of the German Marshall Fund of the United States (2009). Oana contributed to drafting the Guidelines of the Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce: “Anticorruption Principles” (2012) and “Community Investment” (due to appear in 2015).

She is the Chairman and a Board member of Romanian-US Alumni Association.

“The Donors Circle feeds you with energy, and the enthusiasm of PACT’s team is contagious. Beyond the donations, it is all about getting to know the communities, interacting with people with initiative, people who give you a life lesson. They want to do something for their community and decide not to wait for the authorities to intervene. I think we ought to support such brave people because we have something to learn from them; and because their example and success can change other communities as well.

To support a case in The Donors Circle means to listen and to reassure, to use your time and skills in order to increase the chance of success of the projects. By doing this, you will find answers to questions about yourself, and you receive the satisfaction and optimism that things can move forward in the Romanian society. There is strength in numbers. Every gesture, every donor counts, and they can make a difference.”