Surinam born, Dutch national and living in Romania Isfahan manages to combine different cultural backgrounds in his entrepreneurial activities and in his personal life.

When he arrived in Romania in 2003 he didn’t expect that he would still be here and expected Romania as a transit between different countries after having worked in The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Russia.

After having worked at the Athenee Palace Hilton from 2003 to 2006 he decided to start a real estate brokerage and consultancy company which he is now still managing together with his wife Violetta.

Next to managing his company Isfahan is also, since 2009, board member of the Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce and, since 2016, Ambassador for the “Light Into Europe” association, which helps the blind people in Romania with developing and managing guide dogs programs.

As Romania has already offered him a lot in business and life he also believes it is normal that he should also contribute in developing the country towards a prosperous, modern and equal society by being involved in social activities and therefore wishes to also support the activities of The PACT Foundation.