Laura became part of the PACT team in 2013. As a  Communications and Fundraising Manager, she wants to help spread PACT’s vision among people who share the same values and learn more about sustainable community development in Romania. She graduated from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations at the University of Bucharest and also here became licensed in Applied Modern Languages, where she learned English and Spanish, languages for which she’s an authorized translator now. During her studies and after she volunteered in several NGOs (AEGEE, PRIME, GRASP etc.), worked in the fields of marketing and business development and participated in non-formal education programs (eg Cannes Lions Romania, scholar and participant in the festival in 2007 and 2008). In 2010 she began a training course at DRH Norway and became a Development Instructor that had the chance to apply new learnings in an educational program at the ADPP, Mozambique, Africa.