I was born and raised in Pettenbach im Almtal, a quiet village in upper austria. Maybe this why I am interested today in the development of rural Romania. Pettenbach today is quite changed from the village that I grew up in and I would like to see the Romanian villages go a similar way – Romanian style of course.
In 1988 I came to Romania and it did not take very long to feel at home here. I met wonderful people and enough challenge in my job. Since more than 30 years I have been working in trading. It was my target in romania as well, to find products to buy and export and to find products to sell on the local market. Financing and unusual financial schemes was always a part of this job. I still like it very much. It soon became certain for me that I want to stay in romania, so when I met my husband and also he had no intention of leaving the country it was like the signature on an invisible contract. I never regretted it and today I go home in both directions, when I visit my family in Austria or our mother company and when I return to romania.
During the last 18 years I got more and more involved in agriculture, which I like especially due to the strong connection to the earth and to all that nourishes us.