Period for implementation: July 2013 – September 2015

“At home in your community” – was a project coordinated by PACT in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Romania and the Association Village Life, which aimed to address issues related to living and public spaces in Roma communities or mixed communities, located in rural areas or small towns in southern Romania. Through this project, we used an integrated approach to the community development process that helped people in the community enjoy generous living spaces and value their natural resources  in a sustainable and harmonious way.

In 10 rural and small urban communities, the Roma population, 5 new initiative groups joined other 5 already created in setting a common goal: the improvement of the quality of individual and community living space. These groups worked with project partners to rehabilitate at least 50 homes in the 10 communities with the active involvement of at least 200 people. At home in your community, though, aimed more than that: people involved in the rehabilitation of these areas had the opportunity to develop a sustainable entrepreneurial component in their community. Thus, at least 3 of the 10 communities ultimately benefited  of income generating activities in the long term and at the end of the project, at least 50 people in the same communities gained the skills that can facilitate their employment.

The “At home in your community” project was financed by the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme, Thematic Fund for Participation of Civil Society, grant scheme for NGOs.

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