Period for implementation:  June 2014-June 2015

PACT Foundation started a new project called “Our community, our decisions” in order to find real, viable solutions, adapted to the needs of local people as they were indicated by the community groups we work with.

20 local leaders from five small communities in Southern Romania, 200 members of these five communities that worked directly with the leaders and at least 500 members of those local congregations were the direct beneficiaries and they were supported in their efforts to find the proper solutions at specific problems.

The main activities of the project were: workshops focused on teaching about citizens’ rights, the mechanisms of civic engagement and influencing public decisions; community meetings, advocacy campaigns; meetings between the local authorities and the citizens. Furthermore, throughout the project, we were having promotion and information activities.

The community groups and the local people played an active and important role in implementing this program. For instance, gaining knowledge and skills, people involved in these activities were motivated to start an open dialogue with the local authorities, in order to negotiate all the priorities set on the public agenda.

The project was financed through SEE 2009-20014 grants, from the NGO Fund in Romania.

For more details about the SEE and Norwegians grants please visit the following and

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