Implementation period: November 2016- December 2017

Valea Jiului is an area with reduced job opportunities, which has a mining profile, and many people decide to work abroad to support their families.

In December 2016, we started a project to support citizens with initiative and local authorities from a town in Valea Jiului to find solutions for local needs and to develop their community.

The project started with a desk and field research in 4 small towns in the area: Aninoasa, Lupeni, Petrila and Vulcan. We chose the first community, Vulcan, to pilot the project, and we plan to work in other communities in the area as well.

We focus our community intervention on developing an initiative group in Vulcan, on a good collaboration with the local authorities and on meetings on effective energy consumption.

With PACT support, the initiative group will evaluate together with others members in the community the most urgent needs, they will prioritize them, and they will develop a community project based on these priorities. We will finance this project with a grant and we will find new partners with different expertise to work with us in the benefit of the community.

We want to support the development of local communities from Valea Jiului from the inside, working with local actors (citizens, authorities, NGOs etc) to become active long-term in order to find solutions for local needs.

We develop this project in partnership with Enel Romania.

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