Cristina has been working in the NGO sector since 1996. For 7 years, she coordinated the activity of the network of clubs of Pro Democratia Association. After a 4 year disconnection from the sector, in 2005, she was employed by the U.S. National Democratic Institute (NDI) to coordinate 2 experience exchange projects between NGOs and political parties in Irak, Lebanon and Romania. Since 2006, she has been working with the Resource Center for Public Participation (Ce-Re), as a project coordinator and consultant. Within Ce-Re, she offers consultancy and assistance to rural and small city NGOs that are involved in the organization’s projects. Her areas of expertise are: project writing, project management, organisational development, advocacy campaigns, communication with local public authorities, communication through print media, event organization etc. Cristina joined our team in the 5th round of the “Learning, Participation, Trust” program.