Violence in rural areas is a hidden phenomenon, and is often considered normal and necessary.

Young people are a vital resource for the development of a community, being agents of social change, so we aim to involve them in fighting violence in their communities in the long run.

In the second phase of project, young people and members of local initiative groups / NGOs will participate in a four-day training session, after which they will join a competition of ideas. Their proposals will target at least one of the three areas of interest: domestic violence, online violence and gender equality. Thus, they will be stimulated to be creative, to collaborate, and to seek solutions and resources. All project ideas will be funded. In the process, they will learn about project management, community mobilization and teamwork and they will gain confidence to act as agents of change.

Through this project, we aim to raise awareness in small communities about the negative consequences of violence and to prepare people to prevent violence and to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner.

In the first part of the project, 45 young women from villages in the South of Romania met with successful women that work in a variety of areas such as business, media, entrepreneurship, public administration. They spent a day together, and they shared their successes and challenges. The young women were motivated and discovered new ideas for their professional development, and the mentors had the opportunity to inspire them and to share their lessons learnt, but also to find out the story of a rural community.

In addition, the young women participated in a personal development workshop.

In partnership with AVON Romania.

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